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Småviltguiden (Species knowledge for hunters)



This book is essential for any hunter seeking a comprehensive understanding of their prey. It guides you through the art of distinguishing which species can be hunted and those that must be allowed to thrive. Simultaneously, it provides valuable insights into the behavior and habitats of game animals. Armed with this knowledge, you will undoubtedly enhance the outcomes of your hunting adventures.

The illustrations are crafted by Øivind Egeland, a masterful natural artist. Bjørn Olav Tveit, one of our leading experts in species knowledge, has compiled this educational guide. The result is a vital manual that assists in distinguishing between huntable and protected game – a skill crucial whether you are taking the hunting exam or heading out for a hunt.

The book offers a comprehensive overview of all small game that can be hunted in Norway since 2017. With comparisons of look-alike species in similar positions and clear markings (green 'V' for game animals and red 'X' for protected species), accompanied by arrows pointing to the key features, this guide becomes your indispensable companion on the path to a more successful hunt.

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