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The authors

Bjørn Olav Tveit, a passionate ornithologist and knowledge disseminator, is the driving force behind Ørn Forlag. He leads the publishing house with dedication and vision, fueled by his deep love for birds and expertise in literature and knowledge dissemination.

In addition to his role as the publishing director, Tveit has authored several notable books, including "Fugler og fuglafolk på Utsira," "Guide til Norges fugleliv," and "A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Norway." These works reflect his commitment to spreading knowledge about and enthusiasm for birdlife through literature, serving as valuable resources for both experienced birdwatchers and those eager to explore the beauty and diversity of the avian world.

Bjør Olav Tveit

Bjørn-Ove Høyland, born in 1973 and raised in Haugesund, has been a passionate birdwatcher throughout his life. Despite a varied education that includes a bachelor's degree in business law, his heart lies within the realm of birds. His favorite activity involves observing birds on weather-beaten islands, particularly Utsira. However, in addition to Utsira, areas like Karmøy, Røvær, Jæren, and Lista are also among the places regularly visited by Bjørn-Ove.

Bjørn-Ove Høyland

Torgunn Andersen, born in 1946 and originally from Båtsfjord, now residing in Horten, is the author behind "Sy en bunad" ("Sew a Bunad"). She has been engaged in sewing and handicrafts throughout her life. In this book, she shares personal experiences from creating beltestakker (traditional Norwegian costumes) for three of her teenage grandchildren. Her aim is to inspire more individuals to embark on the journey of sewing their own bunad.

Torgunn Andersen

Lars-Jørgen Natvik, born in 1972 and raised in Os, Hordaland, authored "Explore and Discover Butterflies." He has been passionately involved in collecting butterflies for many years. His fascination with these colorful and diverse insects developed from a general interest in nature and the outdoors, gradually focusing on butterflies about fifteen years ago. Despite his education in oceanography and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the Nansen Center/UiB, Natvik works as a discipline leader for reservoir technology at the Gullfaks field in Statoil.

Natvik primarily nurtures his interest in butterflies in his home region and the Sogn region, where he has roots and a vacation home. Like many other passionate insect enthusiasts, he is committed to preserving butterflies and their natural habitats for future generations.

Lars-Jørgen Natvik

Christian Tiller, born in 1973 and residing in Sola near Stavanger, is a co-author of "Flyktige motiver." He has been actively engaged as a bird photographer and field ornithologist since the late 1980s. Tiller has personally observed nearly 400 different bird species in Norway, encompassing all of the country's breeding species. He holds extensive experience in delivering lectures and writing articles on birds and bird photography. His photographs have been featured in numerous national and international books and journals.

Aside from his passion for birds, Tiller manages his own website and actively blogs when time allows. On a daily basis, he works as a senior consultant in plastic surgery in Stavanger. With over 15 years of experience teaching healthcare professionals, Tiller has a particular interest in conveying complex theories in a pedagogical manner. He favors using Canon photography equipment for his work.

Christian Tiller

Terje Kolaas, born in 1978 and residing in Levanger, Nord-Trøndelag, is a co-author of "Flyktige motiver." He has been a member of the Norwegian Ornithological Society and an active bird photographer since 1989. His photographs have graced the covers of several national and international journals in recent years, making him a sought-after figure for both national and international seminars and workshops, catering to both novice and experienced bird enthusiasts.

Kolaas holds a degree in Nature Conservation and teaches Ornithology at Nord-Trøndelag University College. He works full-time as a product developer specializing in birdwatching and nature photography at the tour operator Din Tur AS. Internationally recognized, Kolaas has established himself as one of Norway's most prominent bird and photography guides through his guiding company, Northern Birding. He favors Nikon photographic equipment and manages an online gallery showcasing his photography work.

Terje Kolaas

Ove Bryne (1957-2005), originally from Stavanger and co-author of "Fugler og fuglafolk på Utsira," spent the years 1976-86 on Utsira, becoming the first to extensively study the island's birdlife over an extended period. His comprehensive understanding of the island's bird populations made him a key resource when the work on the Utsira book commenced in the 1990s. Though known for his modesty, Ove was a significant figure in the birding community, particularly renowned for his remarkable discoveries of rare birds.

He possessed an impressive knowledge of birds, coupled with a gentle humor and a witty pen that shone through his numerous notes in publications like Falco and Vår fuglefauna during the 70s and 80s. Many of his observations from that era had not been published before. His contributions to the Utsira book shed much-awaited light on the legendary period in the island's history and were pivotal in documenting that captivating era.

Ove Bryne

Geir Mobakken (b. 1974), originally from Fredrikstad, is a co-author of "Fugler og fuglafolk på Utsira" and a consultant for "Guide til Norges fugleliv" ("Guide to Norway's Birdlife"). He is recognized as one of Norway's most dedicated and knowledgeable field ornithologists. Since 1994, he has been a resident of Utsira, considered Norway's premier attraction for rare bird species, making bird observations his primary pursuit. He supports himself through a part-time position at the island's medical facility.

Geir boasts an impressive track record in fieldwork, meticulously detailed on his personal website. His extensive expertise and passion for birds have established him as a prominent figure in ornithology, with his contributions proving invaluable to the understanding of bird life, particularly on Utsira.

Geir Mobakken

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