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About Ørn publishing house

Publisher: Bjørn Olav Tveit

The author behind works such as "Birds and Bird People of Utsira," "Guide to Norway's Birdlife," and "A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Norway," has his roots and current residence in Bærum. From his early days as a young boy, he has been a passionate birdwatcher. His commitment to ornithology has been extensive; he has served as the leader of the Asker and Bærum local chapter of the Norwegian Ornithological Society, co-founded and led the Utsira Bird Observatory for several years, and been a member of the Norwegian Rarity Committee for Birds (NSKF).

When he's not exploring nature and birdlife, he cares for his family and works as a senior advisor in digital cultural dissemination at the Norwegian Cultural Council. Previously, he contributed to mapping, developing reference works, digital educational tools, and multimedia, working as a developer, editor, and editorial director at publishing houses Gyldendal and Cappelen Damm. Now, he runs Ørn Forlag, where his passion for birds and knowledge continues to flourish.

Ørn Forlag embodies a strong passion for sharing the wisdom and beauty of birdlife with everyone. Here, the wings of knowledge and passion for the natural world are open to all who wish to learn and explore. With a rich selection of books, the publishing house aims to spread understanding and enthusiasm for the world of birds, offering a path into the fascinating and diverse realm of feathered creatures.

But Ørn Forlag is more than just books - it's a place for dreamers, thinkers, and storytellers. The publishing house aims to give voice to passionate individuals who are devoted to sharing their unique stories and knowledge. A part of the catalog consists of works from talented authors and experts who have sought to share something unique, something that has resided deeply in their hearts.

In addition to its literary contributions, Ørn Forlag organizes guided tours, an invitation to experience birdlife in its splendor. These tours provide a hands-on approach to learning and offer a chance to see nature through the eyes of dedicated experts. If you wish to delve even deeper into this world, feel free to reach out to

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