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Sommerfugler (Experience and explore butterflies)




"In Norway, there are as many as 2,200 different butterfly species. This book provides you with all the practical tips you need to explore this captivating group of creatures, whether you want to spice up your Sunday walk or dream of creating your own butterfly collection. Here, you'll find the most effective methods, from using butterfly nets to tricks for attracting them with light and scents – including the secret of red wine! You'll also receive plenty of advice on photography, species recognition, preservation, storage, and organization. The book answers questions on how to make your garden appealing to butterflies, how to hatch butterfly larvae, and how to share your experiences with other butterfly enthusiasts. 'Experience and Explore Butterflies' is the first book specifically tailored to Norwegian conditions, authored by Lars-Jørgen Natvik, one of Norway's leading butterfly experts.

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