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Fugler og fuglafolk på Utsira

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Utsira - A Gem in the Ocean, small and wind-exposed, yet magnetically attractive to migratory birds, an idyllic corner of Norway's outskirts.

The diverse assembly of species on Utsira is unparalleled among Norwegian migratory bird sites. Turtle dove, Blyth's pipit, yellow-browed warbler, red-breasted flycatcher, ortolan bunting, and Eurasian tree sparrow – species often regarded as the highlights of the year elsewhere – are regular visitors to this small island in Rogaland. Here, you have a greater chance than anywhere else in the country to observe rare species from Southern Europe and Asia, such as calandra lark, Richard's pipit, citrus-wheatear, eastern nightingale, Siberian blackthroat, Pallas's grasshopper warbler, barred warbler, Hume's leaf warbler, golden oriole, rose-colored starling, and Siberian accentor. With nine findings of American passerines, Utsira stands as the ultimate destination in Scandinavia for those dreaming of discovering rarities. The seabird migration here can be spectacular, featuring episodes including black-browed albatrosses, several great shearwaters, and numerous Sabine's gulls. A total of 313 naturally occurring species have been recorded on Utsira, twenty of which are first-time findings for Norway.

This book presents, for the first time, a complete overview of all bird species observed on the island, including details about the most remarkable sightings. You will also discover a wealth of valuable tips on how to discover rare birds yourself. Dive into an exciting chapter of Norwegian ornithological history, from the 1930s to the present day, shedding light on these ornithological events from a rich human perspective.

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