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Flyktige motiver (Fleeting motifs)



Explore the art of capturing birds in flight with this unique guide to bird photography. The book is a treasure trove filled with practical tricks that elevate your images from ordinary to spectacular. Despite being quickly sold out from the publisher, it is still available, including at Natur og fritid.

Birds are among the most challenging subjects to photograph, yet they are also among the most rewarding. It requires more than just equipment—it demands profound knowledge. You must understand the play of light and be able to seize the right moment. Mastering bird photography is about mastering a key competency in photography. Christian Tiller and Terje Kolaas have captivated us for many years with images that go far beyond merely depicting birds. With their extensive educational experience, they now generously share their expertise through this book. Here, you'll find step-by-step guides to all the practical tricks needed to elevate your images to new heights.

The book covers everything from basic photography knowledge and equipment overview to advanced techniques ensuring razor-sharp images and stunning flight photographs. You will also learn about image editing, data equipment, photography through telescopes, and much more. With stunning images and educational illustrations, this book provides a deep insight into the art of capturing fleeting moments of bird life.

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